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Cannabis Home Delivery is The New Frontier. Please take a moment to read the rules and regs that we have to make your experience Safe, Convenient, and Enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Herb Taxi

FAQ AnswerThe Herb Taxi is a legal Discreet Cannabis Home Delivery service. The Herb Taxi is New Mexican-owned and offers only cannabis grown, harvested, and processed in the Land of Entrapment.

Our goal is to make the complex world of cannabis approachable for the novice yet still exciting for cannabis aficionados. What ever your relationship is with cannabis, The Herb Taxi will deliver the highest quality local products at the best value to your door. All while maintaining COMPLETE DISCRETION.

Now hop in, and let’s go for a ride!

Who can order from The Herb Taxi

FAQ AnswerOur clients are adults age 21+ with valid, government-issued IDs and access to The Herb Taxi’s e-commerce platform for ID pre-verification. Pre-verified clients who placed an order must be present and show the same ID to receive their order. Multiple clients can order from the same address, but each must be present and show an ID to receive their order.

I have a New Mexico Medical Cannabis Card, does The Herb Taxi deliver to me

FAQ AnswerAbsolutely.The foundation of our state’s cannabis industry is rooted in patients’ needs for high-quality, reliable medicine. The Herb Taxi offers an Ordering webpage for both Patients and Recreational Clients.

Patients (at least 18 years old) will need to take a photo and upload a current Medical Card to their profile to order from the Medical menu of the

How can I place an order

FAQ AnswerSo simple. Just visit our e-commerce menu, create a client profile, select your products, and choose a delivery window that works for your schedule. Finally, pay online, then kick back, and relax while we fulfill your order.

PLEASE NOTE: our website will store your profile for future orders. After you create your account, future orders can be placed in a few minutes.

How do I receive my order

FAQ AnswerThe client who placed the order must be present to receive their order and show the same pre-verified ID provided online when the order was placed.

During your delivery window, you will receive updates via text on the status of your order. Your Herb Taxi Service Agent will check your ID, request a signature, and hand off your order. Easy!

When and where does The Herb Taxi deliver

FAQ AnswerCurrently, The Herb Taxi delivers daily, from 9:00am to 5:00pm, throughout ABQ and Rio Rancho.

PLEASE NOTE: We are driven by community demand. If we are not currently serving your community and you would like us to be in your neighborhood, shoot us an email at

When and where is The Herb Taxi allowed to deliver

FAQ AnswerPer state law, The Herb Taxi cannot deliver to Dorms, Public Housing, Schools, Pueblos, and Religious Institutions. But the Taxi can roll up to Homes, Apartments, Offices, Hotels, RV Parks, and Construction outhouses along the side of the road. Our service is Identification specific, not Address specific. If you have a valid ID, we can find a location to deliver to you.

What forms of ID does The Herb Taxi accept

FAQ AnswerWe accept valid, unexpired, government-issued IDs bearing a photograph, expiration date, and birth date. Examples include state-issued driver’s licenses, state-issued identification cards and passports. We do not accept expired, temporary IDs or learners’ permits.

How can I pay for my The Herb Taxi order

FAQ AnswerThe Herb Taxi offers digital payment options with KindTap. KindTap allows our clients to link a bank account (“pay now”) or apply for aline of credit (“pay later”). Unlike cashless ATMs, there are no separate transaction, bank, or ATM fees for using KindTap.

We also accept PIN-based Debit cards at the time of delivery. Please note that there is a $4.00 service charge for each transaction.

What is The Herb Taxi delivery fee

FAQ AnswerTo provide the best service possible, we currently do not charge a delivery fee. Just meet the order minimum for your service area. (Note: order minimums vary by location and distance from the hub.) Not bad to be able to order cannabis from your couch and have someone bring it to your door.

Is there a minimum order

FAQ AnswerThe minimum order varies depending on your location. Input your delivery address to see what your specific order minimum will be.

Does The Herb Taxi offer returns or refunds

FAQ AnswerIf a product delivered by The Herb Taxi is damaged or in otherwise unusable condition, please email photos of the package, label, and product to immediately after delivery. If The Herb Taxi identifies a quality issue, a refund will be returned to the bank account. The Herb Taxi does not accept returns.

To properly dispose of cannabis products, first remove the product from the package, and dispose/recycle the package. By hand or safely with a tool, grind, cut, or chop product into small pieces to render it unrecognizable. Then incorporate the product into at least as much inert material (e.g., dirt, cat litter) to render it unusable, and dispose of all material with general waste in compliance with your local laws.

What are the purchase limits on cannabis home delivery

FAQ AnswerPer state regulations, The Herb Taxi may deliver to Medical Patients and/or Recreational Clients up to 2 oz of Cannabis Flower and 16 grams of Cannabis Extract and 800 mg of Cannabis Edibles.

Is cannabis home delivery safe and discreet

FAQ AnswerYES! The Herb Taxi is extremely discreet – Agents wear plain clothes and operate unmarked vehicles. We never share client information.

PLEASE NOTE: for safety reasons, all orders are delivered under body camera surveillance. Our drivers carry no cash. Only pre-verified clients who uploaded a valid ID may receive orders.

Why doesn't The Herb Taxi accept cash

FAQ AnswerNew Mexico state law PROHIBITS the Herb Taxi from carrying cash both as payment for an order or as tips. Cashless home delivery of cannabis is safer for you and for our crew.

Can I tip my Delivery Agent

FAQ AnswerOur drivers CANNOT accept cash for tips. AeroPay users can apply a tip at checkout. KindTap users can request a special text message link to tip their driver after delivery. To request a link you can ask your driver at the time of delivery, email us at or give us a call at (505) 414-0321. Debit card users can tip at the time of delivery.

How do I request delivery to my area

FAQ AnswerEmail to request expanding delivery options to your neighborhood!

Delivery Times

We Deliver
7 Days a Week
9:00am to 5:00pm

Delivery Locations

We Deliver to Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Corrales, and Placitas

Who Can Order

You Must Be At Least 21 Years of Age, With a Valid Pre-Verified Government Issued ID

Medical Cards ?

Patients Must be 18 Years Old and You Must Upload a Photo of Your Current Medical Card

We know we’re not the only marijuana dispensary delivery service out there, but we guarantee to give you the highest quality products delivered on the same day through our discreet delivery methods.



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